Since 1976 we have specialized in rubber's manufacturing, technical articles and gaskets in particular, without disregard rollers' rubber-coating.

We produce gaskets, both obtained by mold or cut by sleeves, depending on single part's necessity and evaluating which would be the best ratio quality/price.

For the cut we have the best equipment that the marketplace could offer: velocity and centesimal precision are the result of the use of information technology applied to an excellent machanics. The production of gaskets is divided in two separate lines: the first for little amounts and the second for great numbers with the employ of tools and technologies ad hoc, aimed at obtain a better product with a minor cost. This become possible even for small series, of which, often, doesn't exist disbursement by the client for tool's costs, thanks to an extended inventory of molds of our property.

We are equipped with grinding machines aimed at modify sleeve's diameters when it would be necessary and, with the same, we process rollers too. We have available mixers with which it's possible personalise the mixes for specific uses. Moulding technologies used are injection and compression, both aimed at satisfy evrey request, limiting very well the costs.